Asia Water Technology Ltd.

Asia Water Technology Ltd. envisages itself becoming a leading force in the water purification and wastewater treatment industry in China. While pursuing growth, we remain committed to the protection of the environment and the preservation of the world’s precious water resources.

We are in the business of achieving purity through innovation. Our commitment to innovation, research & development, and stringent quality assurance makes us the preferred one-stop supplier for water purification treatment systems.

China’s huge appetite for electricity and increasing need to treat wastewater to curb its water shortages and pollution problems continues to present good long term growth opportunities for us. Our core technologies are also highly scalable, allowing us to expand our competencies into other related industries in the water sector, such as seawater desalination.

In 2010, Asia Water Technology Ltd. welcomes its new anchor investors, S.I. Infrastructure Holdings Limited and Litebay Pte.Ltd. We can look forward to harnessing operational synergies with our new anchor investors, who are putting in not merely financial resources, but also management team, to ensure that Asia Water Technology Ltd. continues to realise its potential to flourish.

Backed by our proven track record, with technical expertise and a firm commitment to quality, we are poised to ride on the waves of progress in the water industry.

  • Oct 11, 2012
    Proposed Transfer From The Catalist To The Main Board Of The Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited ("SGX-ST") Receipt Of The In-Principle Approval From The SGX-ST
  • Aug 13, 2012
    Proposed Acquisition Of Rise Wealth Investments Ltd - Extension Of Long Stop Date II
  • Aug 10, 2012
    (A) Additional Capital Injection Of RMB14 Million In Dalian Xinya Hengji Environmental Co., Ltd. And (B) Use Of Proceeds From The Rights Issue
  • Aug 08, 2012
    Second Quarter Results * Financial Statement And Related Announcement

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